At this site, Dr. Bruce Larrick, a proponent of 21st century dentistry and the truly modern techniques it offers, shows you his results and shares his experiences based on treating thousands of patients.

A brief introduction follows.

Man’s first icon was the tooth. Teeth had spiritual powers. Tooth decay is part of life, and it wasn’t long before dentists were able to end suffering by removing decayed teeth. The molar life cycle shows us what the result of traditional dentistry can be. Patients are best-advised to avoid old-fashioned dentistry, and seek discretion with amalgam fillings and the metal crown. Patients who know the drill will appreciate the “go slow” approach and how to avoid root canals.

Bonding is a 21st century alternative to treating tooth decay with metallic solutions, crowns or caps, and is long lasting. Sealants and tooth-friendly bonding are part of the philosophy of conservative dentistry.

Bite problems now outnumber tooth decay. The adage, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes,” is replaced by “teeth and taxes.” Hence, the reader is encouraged to seek a wellness check-up and avoid crisis dentistry.