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Dr. Bruce Larrick has been practicing conservative dentistry for nearly four decades. He is among the earliest adopters of bonding procedures in dentistry; he became the first dentist to offer bonding in Gainesville, Florida. This site features his advice to the general public on some good practices in dentistry.

Why “smiles despite dentists”? Traditional dentistry invites more dentistry! As the filling erodes, a small cavity gets larger, needing more filling; eventually one needs a root canal; the remaining enamel, deprived of nourishing blood, becomes more brittle with time; eventually the tooth has to be extracted. Obviously one does not smile well with missing teeth, nor does one smile after repeatedly footing dentistry bills. But it is possible to continue to smile for a long time to come by following conservative practices when the need for dentistry presents itself.

Dr. Larrick’s office is located at the following address in the scenic city of Gainesville, Florida.

Smiles on 13th Street
821-A NW 13th Street
Gainesville, Florida 32601

Phone spells 1-FLA-DR-SMILE [1-352-377-6453]