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Dr. Bruce Larrick Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Bruce Larrick, DDS
821A Northwest 13th Street
Gainesville FL 32601


D.M.D., Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts, 1970
B.A., Brooklyn College, New York City, 1966;
Major: Television and Cinematography; Minor: Biology


American Society for Dental Aesthetics

Career Objective

To develop and promote wellness and smiles among patients and consumers.


Since the 21st century: Smiles on 13th Street

1990 through present: Dental Consumer Advocate with numerous television and radio interviews including Hour Magazine, OM Magazine; ABC affiliate.

1979–1989: dentique in the Oaks Mall.  Private dental practice specializing in cosmetic dentistry and airpolishing with p-jet.  Regional mall setting offering convenient location, extended hours, same-day makeovers and walk-in cleanings.

1976–1978: Traditional, 3-doctor practice using individualized pt media.

1970–1976: Director of Audiovisual Productions, University of Florida College of dentistry.  Responsible for the conceptualization, design and implementation of syllabi, slidetapes, motion pictures and videocassettes, totaling 500-plus packages for self-teaching curriculum.

Dental Graduate Programs Presented

  1. 1993: 21st Century Dentistry.  Florida Dental and Medical CE Institute, Miami, Florida.
  2. 1992: Quantum Dentistry for 2001.  Florida Dental and Medical CE Institute, Miami, Florida.
  3. 1988: The Dentique Concept and Philosophy.  PelioClinic, Monte Carlo, Monaco.
  4. 1988: The Routine Cleaning.  Santa Fe Collge of Dental Hygiene, Gainesville, Florida.
  5. 1986: The Routine Cleaning, aka.  The First visit, Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia.
  6. 1985: Another Approach to Marketing.  Virginia Symposium, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.
    High Quality, High Volume, Fair Fee.  Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia.
  7. 1984: The Dentique Concept.  Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia.
  8. 1983: Dentique Concept and Philosophy.  American Dental Association Convention, Anaheim, CA.
  9. 1981: Aesthetics in Dental Photography.  American Society for Dental Aesthetics.  NYC, NY.
    Video: welcome for the First Visit.  American Dental Association Convention, Kansas City, KS.
    The Dentique Philosophy and Concept for 1981 Dentistry.  Hawaii Dental Association, Hawaii.
  10. 1980: Practical Periodontics for the General Practitioner.  Univ. of Florida Dental School, Gainesville, Fl.
  11. 1978: Photography/Innovations for Practitioners.  Howard University School of Dentistry, Washington, D.C.; Louisiana State School of Dentistry, Point Clear, Alabama; Canadian Dental Association Convention, Quebec City, Quebec; University of Florida College of Dentistry, Gainesville, Florida.
  12. 1978: Word of Mouth.  Alpha Omega Fraternity, Columbus, Ohio.
    Intra-, Extra-Oral, and Normal Photography.  Yankee Dental Conference, Boston, MA.
  13. 1977: Dental Photography and other Pearls.  Academy of General Dentistry, Miami, Florida.
  14. 1976: Communicating Dentally and Mentally, Marquette University School of Dentistry, Milwaukee, WI
    University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, San Francisco, California.
    Lane County Dental Society, Eugene, Oregon
    Virginia-Tidewater Dental Association, Norfolk, Virginia
    Montreal Dental club, Montreal, Canada
    N.Y. State Academy of Practice Administration, Syracuse, New York

Multimedia/Commercial Projects

  • “Moon Mouth”, intra-oral fiber optic cinematography for Children’s Television Workshop, New York.
  • “A Light Concept” multimedia for HealthCo International, Boston, and Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia
  • “Word of Mouth” multimedia for HealthCo International, Boston, and Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia
  • “Mouthing Off” and “Everything You Wanted To Know About Dentistry (afraid to ask)” Multimedia show at American Dental Association Conventions in San Francisco, Chicago and Federation Dentaire Internationale, 63rd World Dental Congress, Chicago, IL
  • “Welcome to Our Practice”, personalized media, American Dental Association Convention, Miami, Florida.

Presentations to Medical Audiences

  1. 1982: The ‘New’ Dentistry.  University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, Florida.
  2. 1977: Motivation for Motivation.  Florida Health and Rehabilitative Services, Sarasota, Florida.
  3. 1976: Symposium on the Aging Face.  American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Denver, Colorado.
  4. 1976: Competency Based Curriculum.  American Association Colleges of Podiatric Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio.
  5. 1975: Impressions of the Conference.  Sound Motion Picture Documentary produced during and shown at Health Education Media Convention, New Orleans, Louisiana.
  6. 1974: The Realities of a Self-Instructional Curriculum, National Medical Audiovisual Center, Atlanta, Georgia.
  7. 1974: Future Education in the Health Sciences.  Health Education Media Association Convention, Atlantic City, NJ.
  8. 1973: How to Keep Your Slides From Sliding.  Health Physics Society Convention, Miami Beach, Florida.

Workshop Presentations

  1. 1976: AVE >Audiovisual Education.  Two-week workshop sponsored by the Kellogg Foundation for the dental faculty of the School of Dentistry, Piracicaba, Brazil.
  2. 1976: A Workshop for Media Mavens.  Two-day workshop for Health Educators presented in conjunction with the Health Education Media Association, New Orleans, LA.
  3. 1975: AVE (Audiovisual Education).  Four-day workshop for dental faculty presented during the Conference on Innovations in Education, panel discussions with other invited experts, Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Mexico.
  4. 1975: AVE (Audiovisual Education).  One-day workshop for dental faculty covering the design, production and implementation of audiovisual teaching materials, University of the Pacific College of Dentistry, San Francisco, California.


  1. 1985 Honorable Mention: Yellow Pages, The Association of Advertising Dentists
  2. 1976 First Prize: Directed Student Clinic, Florida Dental Association Convention
  3. 1975 Special Jury Multimedia Award: “Mouthing Off”, 11th Chicago International Film Festival
  4. 1975 Certificate of Merit, 16 mm: “Deep Pocket”, 11th Chicago International Film Festival
  5. 1972 First Prize: Directed Student Clinic, American Dental Association Convention.
  6. 1970 Finalist: “Cities of the Sixties”, Newsweek/Bolex Documentary Film Contest